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Photographer and Filmmaker

I studied in the International School of Cinema, São Paulo, Brazil. My work transits between fiction movies and storytelling. I have in the bag length films, documentaries, video clips and advertising films. Between courses and workshops, I consider the act to leave home and travel with a camera to my great training. I intend to record the passage of life in my time, meeting places, people and other animals.


My mission is to develop cinema and photography as platforms for the reproduction and discussion of community life. In a way that digital art can connect people and tell their stories. Experiencing techniques and languages in favor of contemporary artistic production.


Cinema, fotografia & som direto.

"Às vezes ouço passar o vento; e só de ouvir o vento passar, vale a pena ter nascido." (Fernando Pessoa)

Redes Sociais

+66 082 0460498